Mortgage Renewal Information

mortgage refinance
By: Simon Cunningham

Your mortgage term is completing.  What should you do?

Did you know that over 70% of homeowners just sign their mortgage renewal offers with their current lender without even considering what their competitors are offering? As I mention in my article on getting your mortgage with a Mortgage Broker vs. The Bank, there are many things that banks will do to increase their profits (at your expense), and it is in your best interest to see what other options are out there for your mortgage renewal.

Mortgage Renewal With Another Mortgage Company Won’t Cost Extra

Many of my clients who have their mortgage renewals coming wish to avoid switching lenders because they believe there are extra costs involved with doing so. However, if you are not increasing your loan amount in your switch or renewal, I have lenders who it will not cost extra to switch your mortgage renewal over to them. It is almost as easy as renewing with your current mortgage lender, but you will save money.

Start Saving Money On Your Mortgage Renewal Today!

I have many lenders offering the best mortgage rates from “A” mortgage lenders for consolidation and renewal. If you want to saving money on your mortgage renewal, just fill out the simple form below, and I will be happy to assist you in getting a mortgage you will be ecstatic about.